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It is official!

A scholarship fund in the name of Malcolm Bennett has been established at C.A.R.

In lieu of flowers or plants, we are asking for contributions to his C.A.R. scholarship fund.


For those who want to contribute:

Donors will need to be sure to include Malcolm Bennett's name when they make the contribution.


You can also mail in a check payable to C.A.R. Scholarship Foundation in any amount you prefer, there is no limit.

You will need to include Malcolm Bennett's name on the check.


Please mail to:

C.A.R. Headquarters

525 South Virgil Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90020

c/o C.A.R. Scholarship Foundation


We thank you for the support and gift of your contributions to a member of C.A.R. who was a champion and a friend to all at C.A.R.!!


The C.A.R. Scholarship Foundation application process is now closed and will open January of 2022. The deadline for the C.A.R. Scholarship Foundation application process is April 1st of each year. The Foundation awards scholarships once a year at the C.A.R. Spring Business Meetings. Awards by the C.A.R. Scholarship Foundation are up to $4,000 for students enrolled in four-year University and $2,000 for students enrolled in two-year Colleges. Are you a student at a California College or University pursuing a degree for a career in the real estate field? You may be eligible to apply for a C.A.R. Scholarship Foundation award!


This scholarship program is for students enrolled at a California College or University pursuing a degree for professions which are centered on, or support a career in real estate transactional activity such as Real Estate Brokerage, Real Estate Finance, Real Estate Management, Real Estate Development, Real Estate Appraisal, Real Estate Planning, Real Estate Law, Commercial Real Estate, and Other fields of study the Trustees believe worthy of consideration. Learn more on how to apply and what the minimum requirements are for consideration. (Add hyperlink here to the following content below on another page): 

In addition, the other minimum requirements are as follows:

*Serious commitment to a real estate career
*Currently enrolled in a two or four year college in California
*Enrolled at the time of application in a minimum of six units, including one real estate or real estate-related course
*Completed a minimum of twelve college level course units within the last four years
*Completed at least two Real Estate or Real Estate related courses
*Maintained a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher from all college/universities attended


Congratulations to our most recent C.A.R. Scholarship Foundation recipients!

Malcolm Bennett
Celebration of Life

Click here to view the zoom recording of
Malcolm Bennett's memorial.

Password: =3MZs.@8

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